Project Unna 2015 V 4.0 Mulitfruit


Bug Fix / Change Log Version 4.0 project group Unna2015 Map

1.) On Hofparkplatz placed large halls with transits
2.) A recycling plant for liquid manure to water can be found on the northern Hofausfahrt
3.) The Westbridge Hill Oil Company drilled by Oil and should be transported to the refinery
4) The watering hole behind the bakery now pumping groundwater for nothing
5.) The refinery requires Oil and manufactures motor oil, biodiesel and fuels industry
6.) The butcher produced from cattle and pigs, beef broth and pork
7) The goals of the pigs / cattle fattening were exchanged for errors
8.) processed Diverse textures and buildings
9) opposite the gas station VIS creates an open space, for example for placeable objects
10) prices of all economic systems Optimized / Corrected
11) Seeds2Fix Mod installed. Please remove this mod from your mods folder
12) fruits and rates Optimized / corrections PDA
13) The bakery also needed now Mix eggs for baking bread
Set 14) silage / straw shelves selling stations BGA / Horticulture
15) manual supplements to changes in the economic system


Kruskow, Bemak


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